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Mail PreSync

The perfect tool to handle email while it’s still on the server.
It alerts you when there’s new email available or when a specific message arrives.
Get notified when you receive a message with an attachment, or when a known person sent you a message, or when a message with a specific subject arrives.
Get notified by sound, through Growl, or the Notification Center.
But Mail PreSync can do more.
Ever happened to you that an email from a friend ends up in your spambox? Not anymore!
Whenever the spam checker of your provider does this, Mail PreSync will move the message back to your inbox.
Mail PreSync even has a build-in spam filter that allows you to manually adjust the rules, either by entering specific keywords or by using regular expressions.
It has a special function to detect the so-called penny-stock spam.
Mail PreSync doesn’t use POP3 but uses the IMAP protocol.